Quantum Spa

A neurosensory care
for absolute well-being

The Quantum Spa

A bespoke sensory experience dedicated to beauty and absolute well-being.

Explore from home without moving, wherever you are, the Quantum Spa through a mobile app. Combining the latest technologies in neuroscience and quantum therapy, the ENERGECIA remote care protocol uses an exclusive vibrational technique. A neurosensory treatment that balances energy flows and stimulates the ability to self-control to the depths of your cells. Discover your bespoke harmonic therapy for a multidimensional beauty of the skin, emotions and thoughts.

The neurosensorial care

A vibratory care experience to reconnect your body and mind in three steps.


Identify your energy imbalances and beauty sources with the Spa Quantum Insightconsultation ™.


Download your Insight Quanta Capsule mobile app to use your email frequencies.


Recharge your cells in frequencies with your bespoke vibratory therapy for a fortnight.

The personalized
neurosensory care

Remote vibratory treatment to access multidimensional beauty skin, emotions and thoughts:

  • Sublimation of the skin

    PH Balance Waves, Drainage, Soothing, Cell Regeneration, Collagen Stimulation, General Vitality, Restorative Sleep, Stress Adaptation, etc.

  • Emotional harmonization

    Waves of Anchorage, Joy of Living, Confidence, Comfort, Abundance, Vision of the Time Continuum, Inner Peace, etc.

  • Meditation in consciousness

    Gamma, Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta waves, etc.

A skincare service available from the Insight Quanta Capsule mobile app, available on Apple Store and Google Play with 15 free trial days.

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