Quantum Spa

A neurosensory care
for absolute well-being

The Quantum Spa

A bespoke sensory experience dedicated to beauty and absolute well-being.

Explore from home without moving, wherever you are, the Quantum Spa through a mobile app. Combining the latest technologies in neuroscience and quantum therapy, the ENERGECIA remote care protocol uses an exclusive vibrational technique. A neurosensory treatment that balances energy flows and stimulates the ability to self-control to the depths of your cells. Discover your bespoke harmonic therapy for a multidimensional beauty of the skin, emotions and thoughts.

The neurosensorial care

A vibratory care experience to reconnect your body and mind in three steps.


Identify your energy imbalances and beauty sources with the Spa Quantum Insight consultation.


Download your Insight Quanta Capsule mobile app to use your email frequencies.


Recharge your cells in frequencies with your bespoke vibratory therapy for a fortnight.

The personalized
neurosensory care

Remote vibratory treatment to access multidimensional beauty skin, emotions and thoughts:

  • Sublimation of the skin

    PH Balance Waves, Drainage, Soothing, Cell Regeneration, Collagen Stimulation, General Vitality, Restorative Sleep, Stress Adaptation, etc.

  • Emotional harmonization

    Waves of Anchorage, Joy of Living, Confidence, Comfort, Abundance, Vision of the Time Continuum, Inner Peace, etc.

  • Meditation in consciousness

    Gamma, Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta waves for a synchronization of thoughts

A skincare service available from the Insight Quanta Capsule mobile app, available on Apple Store and Google Play with 15 free trial days.

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