Quantum Insight™ Consultation

Measure the energy
you radiate


The Quantum Insight™

Inclusive beauty analysis beyond gender, skin tones and age.

The free Quantum Insight™ diagnosis uses the latest generation of quantum application with energy analysis technology. It allows you to measure in real time the energy you radiate for holisitc rebalancing. The power of this technology lies in its ability to analyze the energy of a photo and the harmonics of the voice. Your data is compared in real time with a database of thousands of frequencies to determine your energy state to perform the prescription custom care of your beauty sources.

The Quantum Insight™ diagnosis

A 4-step energy analysis:

Energy scan of the selfie and voice print
Affirmation of beauty intention
Real-time analysis using the database
Assessment of potential energy imbalances

The Personalized

Depending on your results, ENERGECIA offers customized rebalancing solutions tailored to your energy footprint and beauty intent.

A prescription of care ritual with very high vibrational potential, an energetic gesture on specific area and a neurosensorial therapy with sound frequencies.

A dynamic approach to care that integrates the power of intention to affirm your beauty and well-being.


"Everything in Life is Vibration".

Albert Einstein

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