Quantum Beauty

The alchemy
of a perfect skin


the energy of nature

ENERGECIA initiates a new beauty of a quantum dimension.

Enlightened beauty, radiant beauty to the depths of cells inspired by quantum science and nature.
This Beauté Quantique® (Quantum Beauty) is based on the revelation of light quantas (a light wave composed of photons that transmits information through each cell) with a universal memory. A new vision of Nature that occurs through the interaction between light and cells. This cellular re-information brings healing power.

After a year of research and development with the "quantum eye" of international experts, Energecia is giving birth to a pioneering approach to care: quantacosmetics. Quantacosmetics: a range of 7 energy sources of beauty. Care to apply to the skin and breathe in conscience. A beauty ritual that harmonizes the skin, emotions and thoughts through the olfactory dimension of our healing plants.

At the heart of each formula, an alchemy of assets derived from the richness of essential oils reveals a transcendence of light. This powerful radiation is expressed through the synergy of plants selected according to their place in the scale of botanical evolution, an incarnation of the energy of yin and yang and informational encoding.
Alchemical care that elevates the vibrational rate of matter and disseminates cellular re-information.
With this paradigm shift, healing is in the vial but also in the alliance of the force of intent in connection with the sublimissence of nature. A dynamic of care to initiate a spotlight on Beauté Quantique® (Quantum Beauty).

The Beauty Ritual

A dynamic approach to face and body care to harmonize energy in three steps.

Product range


Identify your beauty ritual with the free Quantum Insight™ consultation.

Purification and Balance 75%
Vitality & Joy 78%
Glow and Confidence 68%
Regeneration and Harmony 85%
Light of the Gaze and Peace 88%
Smoothing & Abundance 94%
Firmnness and Unity 74%
strength of intent


Affirm your ideal of beauty and well-being to reveal your inner light.

Skin care activation protocol:

Rub your hands together.

Put a hazelnut of texture in the hollow of one of your hands.

Affirm your beauty intention (ex : I want confidence and a radiant skin…).

Ask consciously for the activation of your treatment to sublimate its benefits.

Apply the care to your face and body to reveal the perfect alchemy of your beauty. 

Care gesture


Reactivate specific areas to harmonize your energy flows.

Face and Aura 70%
Body and Sacred Chakra 80%
Face and Solar Plexus Chakra 86%
Face and Heart Chakra 83%
Face and Throat Chakra 70%
Eye contour and Frontal Chakra 80%
Face and Crown Chakra 90%

"Who looks alike, assembles"

Albert Einstein

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