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Personalized Harmonic Therapy


Quantum Spa


Remote sensory care to access a multidimensional beauty: skin, emotions and thoughts.

This personalized treatment consists of three steps:

SPA CONSULTATION: a profiling to identify your energy imbalances (aura, emotiometer, chakras, skin, physiological elements, brain rhythm) and a prescription of your beauty sources for a custom rebalancing.

THE RITUAL OF HARMONIZATION : an activation of your products is to be carried out by placing them on the window of your phone for 5 minutes each. The vibrational and fractal frequencies harmonize your products before the care is applied on the face and body. Buy products before importing frequencies under the application.

THE NEUROSENSORIEL CARE: A sound therapy with your vibratory sequences to access a multidimensional beauty by sublimating your skin, harmonizing your energy and meditating in consciousness. Frequency to listen to headphones for 5 to 30 minutes, grouped or individual, one to several times a day depending on how you feel.

Frequency to be imported from the Insight Quanta Capsule app available on Apple Store and Google Play. Activation code received by email after the payment of your custom care.




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