New beauty


The founder

Isabelle Bon, an existence turned towards creation. Entrepreneur at heart with an avant-garde approach to personalization in fashion since 2004 with the brand 180g x NIKE. And fifteen years in cosmetics within the L'Oréal Luxe group.

Listening to everyone, I initiated research on a new path of healing based on the energy that each radiates. An energy to transcend with the subtle richness of aromatic plants to harmonize the sources of well-being or imbalance of the skin. An approach combining quantum science and nature that relies on in-depth knowledge in Quantum therapies, Phytotherapy, Aromatherapy, Bach Flower, Aromacology, Magnetism...

I carried out experiments on the energetic impact of plants on the physical, emotional and mental level of the living being and their ability to activate the light of self-healing. My exchanges with a laboratory specializing in quantum cosmetics confirmed my intuition and validated my know-how to elevate the skin care vibratory rate.

The creation of the ENERGECIA skincare brand then became an evidence for everyone’s quest for well-being.

The Brand

Energecia, the energy of nature !

An Ultra-Connected vision

A modern society that gives way to an ultra-connection to reconnect with oneself and make the invisible of Nature visible.

ENERGECIA, the energy of nature. A cosmetic range of 7 natural treatments echo with the 7 energy centers (chakras) to act in affinity with your skin, your emotions and your intentions.

ENERGECIA propose une bespoke consultation with Quantum Insight app to measure the energy you radiate and analyze your energetic unbalances.

ENERGECIA through the bespoke prescription of your energy sources of beauty invites you to discover the richness of aromatic plants to harmonize and sublimate your skin, your emotions and your thoughts.

A reconnection with your purest root to give thanks to nature with enlightened beauty, radiant beauty, a Quantum Beauty (une Beauté Quantique®).

Quantum care

A Quantum

Quantacosmetics, care whose heart rests on the overriding principle that everything is "ENERGY" at the cellular level.

A heart of energy formula where each molecule is selected according to the information it conveys to act in affinity with the skin but also with emotions and thoughts.

Assets from certified plants chosen based on their place in the evolution of the botanical scale to create effective synergies.

An alchemical know-how of purification and sublimation of matter to obtain a vibrational rate three times more powerful than traditional cosmetology.

ENERGECIA, a natural, holistic and conscious cosmetic with visible results.

When the invisible
becomes visible

An eco-responsible cosmetic that thanks nature:

- Formulas without dubious ingredients and not tested on animals.

- Natural ingredients from organic farming as a priority.

- Small-scale products made in France.

- Recyclable packaging almost to infinity.

Responsible consumption

By the way

Enlightened beauty, radiant beauty at the service of the True, the Beautiful, the Good and the Pure.


"Everything is Energy"
at the molecular level


A natural beauty,
conscious and holistic


Recyclable packaging
almost to infinity


Purified and sublimated
organic formulas

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