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The Founder

"Energecia is a pioneering approach to care and diagnosis by quantum science and nature to sublimate your skin, your emotions and your thoughts."

Isabelle Bon

The Genesis

Energecia was born from my passion for the benefits of plants and from a spiritual quest for well-being and beauty. Four years ago, I felt a deep aspiration to put myself at the service of Beauty, the Subtle and the Sacred to initiate a new beauty more holistic and based on the energy that each one radiates.

An entrepreneur at heart, after fifteen years in the L’Oréal Luxe group, where I acquired a solid expertise in cosmetics, I started research on plant alchemy, neuroscience and energy therapies with the “quantum eye” of international experts. A new approach to harmonize the sources of well-being of the body and mind and to remedy the imbalances of the skin.

My first laboratory of experiments on the energetic impact of plants was my relatives.

I was deeply convinced that “all magic was not only in a bottle” but also in reconnecting with its inner beauty, its profound nature and the universe of life. For this, I had to manage to transcend the essence of life of plants in my care to harmonize the essential energy flows to feel good in his skin.

Exchanges with a laboratory specialized in quantum cosmetics have strengthened my intuition and validated my alchemical know-how to obtain a vibratory rate 3x more powerful than a traditional cosmetic care. The Energecia skincare brand became a no-brainer with the realization that the invisible of nature was becoming visible to reveal the energy of enlightened beauty: Quantum Beauty®.




A cellulary vibratory rate 3x stronger

“Everything is energy at the cellular level” according to Energecia, which is initiating a new way of R&D through an alchemy of cosmetic innovation. Quantum Beauty® relies on the interaction between light and cells to consciously reveal a cosmetic with a 3X vibratory rate that is more powerful than traditional skincare. Designed and produced in France, the Energecia brand unveils a quantum encoding process that allows to sublimate the energy of plants to transcend cellular re-information. This Quantum Beauty® is based on the revelation of light quantas (a light wave composed of photons that transmits information through each of the cells) with a universal memory. This revelation allows cells to be reinformed by boosting their vibratory rate. This alchemical process gave rise to the formulation of the Energecia range.

sustainable beauty to preserve the planet

The sacred dimension of plant alchemy in the formulas, gives meaning to each ingredient by reconnecting it with its healing benefits. Each packaging is recycled almost to infinity thanks to a glass design, a minimum consumption of resources paper and the absence of cellophane for the right balance. Humanity and cooperation are at the heart of a local weaving of suppliers in France. The production is in small series and is part of a process of upgrading the masters of the material. Energecia gives back to nature what was used with gratitude and respect for the environment by planting trees with the association «a Tree for You». A cosmetic that radiates to carry the light that animates you through its energy to evacuate your emotional and mental pollution. A deep yearning for a better world on all levels, from the invisible to the visible. Then the new sustainable, healthy and balanced beauty will appear!


Our values


"Everything is Energy"
at the molecular level


A natural beauty
conscious and holistic


Recyclable packaging
almost infinitely


Organic formulas
purified and sublimated

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